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Reader Comments about
“To Make Men Free”
& “No Greater Courage”

I was absolutely enthralled by your two books on Antietam and Fredericksburg.  Are you planning to write any more books on any other Civil War battles?  (Please say “Yes”!)
W.L. (Terra Haute, IN)

I want to thank you for making the Civil War and The Battle of Fredericksburg come alive.
B.D. (Dunwoody, GA)

I enjoyed your first two books on critical battles of the Civil War and was wondering if you plan on continuing on with this series.
V.R. (Owasso, OK)

I read "To Make Men Free" last year and was delighted when I learned that you had written "No Greater Courage."  I enjoyed both books thoroughly and only hope that you have further Civil War stories in the works.
R.G. (Missoula, MT)

I never knew anything about the battle (Fredericksburg) and now I am fascinated with it.
A.K. (Dunwoody, GA)

I just finished your book and could not wait to tell you how much I enjoyed it.
A.B. (Marietta, GA)

I discovered TO MAKE MEN FREE to be a very interesting story and a memorable reading experience. The book was beautifully written.

I have just finished "No Greater Courage" and would just like to say that it and "To Make Men Free" are some of my most favorite examples of historical fiction. I have always been fascinated by the Battle of Antietam, and appreciated a book finally being written solely about it that was a fast-paced, enjoyable read. "No Greater Courage" was equally as well done. Thank you for these gifts to the literary world.

I've never been a John Grisham fan, so I put you way ahead of him.
G.H. (Long Island, NY)

Your book was one of those that I would read at night before going to bed and then wake up the next morning excited that I could read some more that night.
A.K. (Atlanta, GA)

I just finished reading No Greater Courage and wanted to thank you for having written it.  I’m not a history scholar but I think you got the characters just right.  Dialogue was believable and the feel was correct. 
J.F. (Milford, MA)

Until I picked up To Make Men Free, Jeff Shaara has been my author of choice. 
P.H. (Palm Beach, FL)

Thank you very much for such a great book! I am looking very much forward to your next book and hopefully, many more!
C.A. (St. Louis, MO)

Thanks so much for your great work. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
F.E. (Marietta, GA)

I've read many books on the various US wars and frankly, To Make Men Free was about one of the best I have ever read.  Your use of dialogue and smooth writing, made if flow so well, that I had trouble putting it down.

A great book and a pleasure to read.

I can truthfully tell you that your book, "To Make Men Free," was marvelously written. I thoroughly enjoyed ever part of it. My readings have covered many of the famous civil war authors and now you can take your place among them. 
Lieutenant Colonel (retired)
US Army

It was one of the best reads and most researched books I've read in a few years. Thank you for your efforts....I look forward to your next book. I would easily compare your work to that of Michael Sharra or John Jakes. Well done.
USMC (retired)

Your novel exceeded my expectations.  What a fine book you wrote.  Your thorough research is so very evident; I never had the feeling that here was a writer who was cleverly making things up.  To Make Men Free reads with a clear and resonant ring of authenticity.  The details of the people, the battle, and the equipment are totally realistic as though you had been there--and hence, the reader is there.  This is an excellent book and one that I will highly recommend to others.  I also look forward to your next creation and will be first in line to acquire it.
D.D. (El Dorado Hills, CA)

I just finished reading, "No Greater Courage", and was amazed at the vivid description based on actual historical events and persons.  It makes a dreary enumeration of battles and lists come alive, as I have not seen it before.
B.McP. (Edmonton, Canada)

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