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Reviews of “To Make Men Free”
& “No Greater Courage”

“Croker does a solid job of capturing the grim horror of the day. And then there are splendid moments by honest-to-goodness heroes such as Joshua Chamberlain and the pious Stonewall Jackson, more disturbed by the loss of churches than of the loss of men...”

Monsters & Critics

The author's meticulous attention to detail shines through in this book, and his creative style makes it a very pleasurable read. I could hardly put it down.”

The Fredericksburg Star

“Impressively imagined, To Make Men Free captures both the humanity and horrors of war.”

Atlanta Magazine

“...On its way to being a classic of the genre.”

The Marietta Daily Journal

From Publishers Weekly:

“The bloodiest day of the Civil War, a Union victory that crushed Lee's first invasion of the North and gave Lincoln a triumphal pretext for the Emancipation Proclamation, is the subject of this rousing, panoramic debut historical. Documentary filmmaker Croker skillfully fictionalizes a meticulously researched account of the battle, the campaign that preceded it and its momentous political fallout that is more comprehensive than many nonfiction treatments. In vivid, punchy scenes, occasionally illustrated with maps, readers follow the strategic maneuvers of the Union and Confederate armies, learn how to operate a cannon and amputate a leg, and get swept up in the panic and pathos of combat. Croker fleshes out the gore and gallantry on the battlefield with a sprawling cast of well-drawn characters, from Lincoln and his cabinet down to lowly privates. Particularly interesting is his portrait of Union General-in-chief George McClellan, one of the more fascinating psyches in American history, whose mixture of insufferable vainglory and paralyzing insecurity constituted a major obstacle to a Northern victory. His combination of period detail, gripping battle scenes and psychological insight bring the epic to life.”

From Kirkus Reviews:

“A Capable imaging of America’s bloodiest battle... Croker delivers a tale that would make Bruce Catton and Shelby (Foote) proud… A solid debut…well researched and delivered.”

To Make Men Free is an action packed novel that rivals The Killer Angels. Richard Croker has given new life to the epic story of the Maryland Campaign and the Battle of Antietam. His excellent narrative will make you  think you are in the battle. This is historical fiction at its best!”

Ted Alexander
Chief Historian, Antietam National Battlefield Park

“Stunning… Croker’s To Make Men Free is an historical novel of rare power and suspense...The characters are vivid, the facts accurate, the story a page-turner as Croker lures the reader inevitably into the fury of the climactic battle.”

William Diehl
Best Selling Author of Sharky's Machine, Thai Horse, 27, Primal Fear, and Eureka

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